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-inquiries & Mike Quist Art- 


I Found It
(Photograph on Metal)

Coral Garden
(Photograph on Metal)

Turtle in Coral Garden.jpg

5 sharks

Kona Hawaii

Coral Garden in the gallery.jpg

Stingray in the Sun
(Photograph on Metal)

Sting Ray 1.jpg

Kona Hawaii

Sting ray 1 in gallery.jpg

Lion Fish
(Photograph on Metal)

Lion Fish.jpg
5 Sharks.jpg

Turtle at Kaloko-Honokōhau
(Photograph on Metal)

Kaloko-Honokōhau Turtle by Mike Quist.jpg

Clown Fish
(Photograph on Metal)

Clown Fish.jpg
Clown Fish in the room.jpg

Mama and Baby Humpback

Manta Ray Kona

(Photograph on Metal)

Manta Ray Burstoing from bubbles on Wall.jpg
Manta Ray Night Diving Kona Hawaii Mike Quist The Artist.jpg

Hermit Crab
(Photograph on Metal)


Manta in Kona

(Photograph on Metal)

Manta swimming under my board signature.jpg
manta swimming under my board.jpg

Kahaluʻu Honu 

(Photograph on Metal)

Kahaluʻu Honu jpeg_.jpg

Sleeping Turtle

(Photograph on Metal)

Sleeping turtle jpeg.jpg
Looking at my dome port.jpg

Garden Eel Cove

Manta Rays Meeting

Manta Rays Meeting.jpg
Angel Fish.jpg

Yellow Tang

Yellow tang.jpg

Spider Web

Spider Web.jpg




Turtle under the surface.jpg

12 Sharks

12 sharks.jpg

Hawksbill Sea turtle

Giant Hawksbill.jpg

My First Tiger

Tiger Shark.jpg

Giant Manta

Giant manta Ray.jpg

White Tip in a cave

White tip in a cave.jpg

2 Sharks

2 Gray Sharks.jpg

Rainbow parrotfish

Rainbow parrotfish.jpg

2 Turtles

2 Turtles at Turtle Heaven

Turtle Heaven

Turtle Heaven

Turtle in the Sun Rays

Turtle in the sun.jpg

Manta over Sand

(Photograph on Metal)

Manta over sand.jpg



Puako Turtle

Turtle at Puakao.jpg

2 Big Island Whales

2 humpbacks.jpg

2 Whales Diving

2 whales diving.jpg


Mamma and Baby with boat.jpg

My sons and I went on the most extreme dive, the Pelagic Magic trip, is a black water dive. We started our Pelagic Dive in Kona, Hawaii just after dusk, floating tethered offshore in the deep dark sea. 6 divers in total dove last night and waited to see what went by,in inky black water over 5,500 feet deep.. The mesmerizing jellies put on a colorful display that can only be described as breathtaking. Some zooplankton, that only rise to the surface to feed when the lights go out, are now visible to us. Our lights are but small twinkles in the vast blackness of the sea. This was a very difficult photography session because the current took us 3.5 miles in the 70 min dive. The creatures are already difficult to spot because they are small, but then capturing them in the viewfinder and getting a usable image with all the correct settings is another level! This was my first experience on this type of dive and I absolutely loved it! Simone was my dive guide who encouraged me to take this adventure. He met me at the boat early to give me a private lesson on my camera settings. It was so extremely helpful and why I continue to use companies like Jack’s Diving Locker to go on epic dive adventures. I hope you enjoy these alien pictures!

Parrot Fish in night Bubble
(Photograph on Metal)

Parrot Fish Sleeping.jpg
Parrot fish in Gallery.jpg

I captured this image at night while this fish was sleeping in a mucus bubble! The queen parrotfish is by day a beautiful and diver-friendly reef fish. By night, it’s a reclusive slime-bag. Literally. Here's why… Come sundown, this watermelon-sized Caribbean gem slips into a crevice and, using special glands behind its gills, secretes a bubble of mucus that swells up and over its head like a diving helmet. The pouch spreads towards the fish’s tail and, within 30 minutes or so, the fish is resting inside a surprisingly spacious sac of slime. The clammy cocoon – in which the fish spends the entire night – has many benefits. It is laced with antibiotics that kill known parrotfish pathogens, and also physically blocks blood-sucking parasites from getting near the fish. In addition, it appears to seal in the sleeper’s body odour, masking it from scent-tracking predators such as moray eels. And the instant the pod is disturbed or torn, its owner wakes up and high-tails it out of there. It’s like a high-tech tent with a mosquito net and burglar alarm system.

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